Tessie is the owner of Tessie Reveliotis Photography. She believes in the magic of beautiful images. Images evoke emotions & bring us back in time. They tell our story & become our life's heirlooms. They are a collection of moments that connect us. Tessie's photography turns moments into memories: a loving glance between grandparents, the groom's hand tenderly reaching for his new bride's. Tessie's expert eye ensures that these sweet moments will be captured on film and treasured for generations. 


FOSTER & FLOURISH grew out of a friendship between creative business owners. Over lattes at our favorite cafe, we discussed how we'd love to plan fun projects where we could collaborate with other creatives. We believed in community over competition, and our businesses had all thrived when we made connections with other creative business owners. A few coffee dates later, Foster & Flourish was officially born! 



Bonnie is the owner of Bonnie Bryant Creative, a boutique consulting firm & creative studio. Bonnie transforms her clients' businesses through her brand design and copywriting services. She designs stunning brand elements and writes creative, effective copy that captures each client's unique voice and vision. Bonnie also has a background in art and interior decorating, and has an online shop where she features her watercolor designs on apparel and home decor.