Meet me in Mexico

zI'm always wanting to bring home beautiful images to remember my trips.  So, on this little escape to relax and connect with my husband, I decided to travel light and confine my photo walks to an agreed time for both of us.  I say this because he's usually the one carrying my gear.  So, I left my digital camera at home and brought my 35mm film camera to document our trip.

Join us on our morning walk on the beach and then back to our resort.  See the spectrum of colors that enveloped the skies and imagine the soft sounds of the waves meeting the shoreline.  And then imagine that as the sun raised itself above the clouds that seemed to rest on the horizon all throughout the day, everything around you is awakened with color!   

Thanks to a beautiful stranger, we have a photo of my husband and I walking on the beach.  And if it wasn't for our iPhone for the save we wouldn't have that beautiful image of the town church bells... because I ran out of film.