Three Tips to Being Authentic in Your Branding

When it comes to branding, authenticity is key - especially for small businesses. Your customers are buying your brand as much as they're buying your product. Your brand voice should reflect your personality, and above all, it should be real and authentic. This authenticity helps build trust and connection with your target customer. 

As a copywriter and brand designer for creative businesses, I help my clients find their brand voice and reflect that authentic vibe in their brands. 

Here are my three top tips to being authentic in your branding:

  1. Know who your target customer is. You should have a clear picture of who your target customer is, and what they're looking for. The key to building a relationship with your customer is knowing who they are to begin with! Are you a calligrapher who wants to work with bohemian brides? Your brand and its voice should cater to this customer, not to brides who want something else.
  2. Be yourself. Don't write your web copy or social media copy in the way you "think" your business should sound - write it the way you actually sound. It's okay to be real and relatable, even to have a sense of humor! 
  3. Feel free to share as much as you feel comfortable. There's a line between being authentic and giving TMI - and you might not feel comfortable sharing too much about your personal life on your business page. That's totally fine! You don't need to share everything that's going on in your life - and I actually recommend not doing that. Instead, create content that talks about your favorite places, your favorite flowers, or your favorite brand-aligned businesses. Customers get to know your style without having to know about your dog's birthday party.

Foster & Flourish is dedicated to helping small business owners grow their brands - stay tuned for more!