A Note of Gratitude

It isn't always easy to share your dreams. You don't know where to start, you're scared what people with think, or worst of all, you're worried you will fail.  Then I remembered what I had forgotten the last time I chased a dream - Faith over failure. 

The concept of Foster and Flourish was a little dream I had hidden in my heart for the last few years but finally had the courage to share a little over a year ago. It was a side effect, so-to-speak of my journey as a professional photographer.  When you are your company and you’re looking for resources to define, enhance and grow your business, the internet can be overwhelming and full of noise. I was looking for business resources and tools for creatives that were located in one place, and where the experience felt personal.  I ended up filling my inbox with way too many newsletters from multiple resources and I still felt disconnected.

So, when I approached Bonnie of Bonnie Bryant Creative with my idea, I knew two things for sure: I couldn’t bring my dream to fruition on my own and it was important to have a business partner who shared the same enthusiasm to bring people together, in an intimate setting, to learn and to grow personally and professionally.  And this is how Foster and Flourish began…

Our journey to establish the foundation of Foster and Flourish has been a great source of inspiration and motivation to us. Our hope is that our commitment to the mission of Foster and Flourish will provide you with a valuable source of learning and inspiration moving forward.

Most importantly, as we reflect back on this past year, we are humbled by the support of our colleagues, our families and our friends.  We are grateful for you and for all who invested and continue to invest in the purpose of Foster and Flourish.

Cheers to us growing together in 2018!