Are You Forgetting This Essential Component to a Successful Website?

What's the first thing your visitors see when they go to your website? 

It's your home page.

And what's the first thing they read when they get to your site?

Not those dreamy descriptions of your product. Not those thoughtfully planned blog posts. Not even your well-written About Page. The first thing they read is the all-important home page copy - a piece of their website that many business owners sorely neglect.

Effective home page copy grabs your dream client from the second they start reading it. It speaks to their pain points and gets them thinking, "Hey, this person gets me. This is just what I needed!" When done well, it's written for your dream client, in your brand voice. It includes calls to action that get them clicking around your site and ultimately, heading to "contact" page.

If that's good home page copy, what's bad home page copy? 

Boring. Ineffective. A dry, impersonal rundown of your services. Or, nothing at all - just pictures with no clear calls to action.

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