Inspiration Found in Saratoga Springs

I recently took a very quick (think LITERALLY 24 hours) trip to Saratoga Springs, New York to meet up with some family members. I was so inspired by this beautiful city! 

When most people think of Saratoga Springs, they think of horse racing at the famous Saratoga Race Course. I, however, wasn't interested in horses - I wanted to see all the Victorian architecture! 

Here are my favorite parts of Saratoga Springs that inspired me in my creative work:


The family member I met up with is an architectural historian, so I was DYING to tour the town and talk architecture with him. We strolled the residential streets, and I was positively drooling over all the stately Victorians we encountered. They were all so well maintained, many with original details intact. 


The Batcheller Mansion Inn

The Batcheller Mansion Inn

We stayed at the Batcheller Mansion Inn, (pictured above) and it was absolutely fab. The exterior had trim upon trim upon trim on each available surface . My cousin pointed out that each intricate piece of woodwork would need to painted annually and maintained meticulously to prevent moisture. Having an old house is all fun and games until you have to pay for the upkeep!  The Inn was amazing - my room was perfect, the food was perfect, the lounging-in-an-old-timey-parlor feel was perfect.


The incredible ceiling at the Canfield Casino

The incredible ceiling at the Canfield Casino


One of my favorite parts of my little trip was touring the Canfield Casino. If the word "casino" makes you think of depressing slot machines and stale cigarette smoke, you'll be surprised when you enter the Canfield Casino - it's a total dream! Now the site of the Saratoga History Museum, the Canfield Casino also hosts gorgeous weddings and events. It's located right in the middle of Congress Park - on a perfect spring day, it was total heaven.

I love taking mini-trips like this - it's perfect to provide my brain with a little refresh after working so much, and I try to pack as much inspiration-hunting as possible into a small amount of time!

- Bonnie Bryant O'Connor | Foster & Flourish cofounder | Bonnie Bryant Creative