Have You Lost That Lovin' Feeling When it Comes to Your Work?

It's no secret that we sometimes get lost in the day to day grind when it comes to our work.  There are emails to respond to, phone calls to make, and things we need to do for our business that we may not like to do...  Here are some tips to bring back that lovin' feeling


When it all seems like your workload has gotten to be too much... press the Pause button. Chances are you've been working long hours and running on empty.  Take a step back and take some time to regroup away from your workspace. Grab a coffee, or tea, and pick up that book you haven't finished reading. Lace up those sneakers and go for a run or get to that gym class you've been meaning to get to. Heck, call your bestie and make a lunch date! Take care of you. 

Have you spent the whole workday trying to catch up on that inbox with notifications in the double digits, or checking every social media notification that makes your phone jolt, when you should be delivering a completed project to your client? The good news is that you have choices. Choose to set a time during your work day to answer emails and to respond to your social media notifications and stick to it.  If you can't stand that you're spending your time taking care of these tasks when you could be doing what you love most about your job, let it go.  Outsource these tasks to an assistant.

Then there's the feeling of having lost your way. Maybe you're not reaching your dream client, you feel your work is not your best, or your motivation becomes intermittent.  It's time to visit your mission statement, and to reset your sights on your goals. Get inspired by your "why".  A great tool to help keep you in your lane is a vision board.  Read about it here!

You can do it! Bring back that lovin' feeling, baby!