GUEST POST: Learning How to Create a Vision Board with Amanda Hawthorne of Live Well Paint Often

Our friend Amanda Hawthorne is a talented artist, the owner of Live Well Paint Often , and an inspiration for us at Foster & Flourish! We love Amanda's positive energy, hilarious sense of humor, and her warm and kind soul. When we thought about who could help our readers learn how to create vision boards, Amanda was the first person who came to mind! 


Let Your Vision Happen… Are you Ready?


If you’re already sick and tired of New Year’s Resolutions and people making declarations on Facebook announcing their goals for 2018.  Well...welcome to the club.   Just be aware that this “sick and tired” feeling has nothing to do with your Facebook friends and everything to do with our own fears, lack of drive,  peer comparison, and overall guilt.  

Some of us may have an inner dialogue that goes a little something like this….”Wow, she’s going on an amazing trip to Italy!  OMG her business is totally taking off. I wish I could do that!” Well … Yes, you can have anything you desire, too! There are infinite possibilities already lined up for you!  We tend to have a loop of self doubt and limiting beliefs, a past story of who we think we are that hold us back from truly stepping into our infinite potential!

What if, envious thoughts of comparison are NOT signs of jealousy, they are directions, roadmapping where you truly want to go.  For example.  Let’s say your friend Suzy just bought a beautiful home on a lake with a wrap around porch.  She’s flashing a smile, keys in hand,  in a gloriously perfect photo on instagram.   The moment you see this,  you have a heavy feeling in the pit of your stomach, while secretly wishing you had a home of your own. You feel shame about not feeling happy for her. I’m here to tell you to get excited!! Because that sinking feeling is roadmapping where your intuition is guiding you to go, aligning where the next steps are that you need to take.

Disclaimer: This is not about motivation, get rich quick schemes, or tactics to learn how to “Make it Happen” the way we think it should happen.  In other words, allow your vision to magically...happen! This is all about trust, baby!  The only person who knows where the next stop on your journey is,  is YOU!  The only person resisting and holding you you boo! 

So, How do you merge the two?

Below are 6 steps to introduce you into the world of life visioning.  To learn  how to turn your desires into manifested reality!  Steps that I continue to use many times throughout the year, not just January 1st!  We must first take accountability and release expectations of how it all plays out.

Sit in Silence- BREATHE- As easy and cliche as it sounds… breathing in stillness is the answer to all of your questions. Start with ten minutes, close your eyes let all of your emotions come up without judgement. Just allow them to be there.  Laugh, cry, get angry...whatever, just let it come up and out.  The more you sit, it will allow you to download from the Universe the truth of who you really are and the why behind your desires.  You are recalibrating your nervous system to receive, instead of blocking the truth of who you are with your thoughts.

Ground Yourself-  Write a list of all of the people, places, moments, and things you have in your life, in this very moment that you are grateful for.  This could be 3 words or 10 pages. Let your heart speak for you.

Feel it out -  This step is channeling the question how do you want to FEEL?! My mentor Danielle Laporte is a genius at creating a step by step process of how to uncover your true desires and mapping them out.  Buy her book “The Desire Map” you won’t regret it.   Write down a list of words that you most connect to and narrow it down to 5 core desired feelings.  

Unleash your words-  Put on some music, grab a glass of pinot noir (or green juice),  pull out the scissors and some magazines.  Rip and cut out the words, colors, scenes, people, places or things that speak to your SOUL.  Allow your intuition to be the guide.  Pile them high on the floor or a big table take up ALL the room… everywhere. GO BIG! Alone is great, but it’s even better to do this with a group of like-minded souls in the spirit of collaboration!

Creativity is Key-  Get a huuuuge white poster board and just go for it.  The more you surrender the better. As you cut and paste, rip and layer your vision board, it will magically come to life! Speak into it existence, truly embody the intention behind the vision you have.  What is the best way to soak it all in? Rest, light some candles, dance (don’t kick the candle over while dancing, haha!), sing ( I like Sia, but, do you!) , take it all in!  Cherish your dreams, they were sent to you for a reason, they chose you.  What’s meant to be, will always find a way!

Detach from the Results-  Yes, we want what we want.  However, when we detach from getting these desires in the way and the timeline we “Think” is best, it opens the floodgates of abundance available to us all!  There is always a bigger picture that we are unable to see.  The more we raise our awareness, self-worth and value, we shift to a place of contribution and giving instead of manipulating and figuring out how to get something.  The thing we want will automatically come to us, like a magnet, instead of forcing it to happen. It’s a delicate dance with the universe, a give and take process! The most magical fun parts of life are the surprises and miracles that we didn’t see coming! Who wants to live life knowing how it will unfold? Life would be pretty boring, no? As one of my mentors Kyle Cease says “Be ok with not knowing”.  (Btw...You should totally get his book “I Hope I Screw This Up” because there really is no “right way” to do anything in life.  We are all a work in progress.)

There is a lot more to this co-creative manifestation process.  For a deeper dive into all of these steps - check out the link to my upcoming Let it Happen Vision Board  workshop on April 8th,  2018! I'll be doing this workshop with the amazing Rebecca Santilli -