Our Guide to the Best Gifts to Get Your Clients

Taking care of your clients is important - giving them a little extra something to say "thank you" helps build the relationship and leaves a lasting impression.

You don't need to give something extravagant - you can start small and still make a big impact.


We ALWAYS believe in sending thank you cards to clients. If you can, invest in lovely branded stationery for your business. If that's not in the budget, check out The Paper Source and Target - their stationery sections have some great affordable options. 

If you want to give an inexpensive little something, Bonnie's favorite gift is a $3 mini-bottle of Prosecco. Attach a paper straw with a pretty ribbon, and you're golden!


Depending on the client, a bottle of sparkling wine usually does the trick. You can get a pretty decent bottle for $20 - ask around at your local liquor store! Stay away from the lower-end brands like Andre and Barefoot - spend the extra few bucks to get them something nicer.


At Foster & Flourish, we adore Panache Gift Baskets. Our friend Katherine creates the most gorgeous gift baskets and boxes with made-in-the-USA Products. 

Bonnie has sent many of these baskets to clients and friends. She usually tells Katherine her budget, and Katherine TOTALLY delivers - creating stunning, custom, branded baskets. 

We like sending Panache Gift Baskets instead of flowers - a decent floral arrangement, nothing fancy, can cost up to $60+ with delivery. Katherine can fit any budget, and even if your funds are limited, she'll still be able to send something incredibly special. 

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