Spring is Here - Let's Talk Cocktails!

Spring is here.  The temperatures are rising, flowers will soon be blooming and love will be in the air...

On our recent trip to New Orleans, which we are so excited to share with you on an upcoming post, Bonnie and I had a delicious dinner and an even more delicious cocktail at Cavan on Magazine Street.  It inspired us to write this and get you ready for Spring!

So, let's dust off the winter blues, crack open the windows and get together for some delicious cocktails! Although I don't have a signature drink, I'm game for something with a little Rum and fruit!  It reminds me of a summer day, on a tropical beach with warm sun and whispering waves nearby. And Bonnie loves a Margarita - the Spicy kind!  


What's your go-to cocktail and who do you like to sip your cocktails with?  Well, don't just think about it, grab a friend, make a cocktail and get out there to celebrate Spring.  It's here! Cheers!