Bonnie's Guide to Loving Yourself and Your Business This Season

I'm a major Valentine's Day enthusiast - and not just for the chocolate, champagne, and flowers! In the doldrums of winter, I like to see Valentine's Day as a reason to shake off the seasonal blues and celebrate the people in my life who mean so much to me. I also use this time of year to focus on taking care of my business and my self-care. 

Here are my biggest tips to making sure that you're taken care of during this season of love!

  • Focus on taking care of yourself. Try to exercise - set a goal for 2-3x a week, even if it's just a walk. Set a reminder to drink water. 
  • Find a way to pamper yourself - I've been super into skincare lately, and the morning and nighttime skincare rituals have become something I really look forward to. Splurge $60 on a massage or $10 on a manicure. 
  • Get organized. Tax time is coming up, and you'll want to jump out the window if you wait till April to get your financials together. 
  • If this is a slow time of year for you, focus on the backend work. Update your website, work on your systems, write all your blog posts, schedule your pinterest - that way, you'll be caught up when the busy season starts.

To me, February is a month to be kind to myself. Taking this perspective really helps me during the dark days of winter!



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