Invest in your brand, so others will invest in you. 

In today's digital world, your brand needs to stand out, especially if you run a small business. Your dream clients are looking to find a connection with you - why should they hire you over the competition? Does your business seem like a good fit for what they're looking for? Is there a "real person" behind the brand?

If your dream clients scan through your site and see boring, disjointed web copy on your homepage and an out-of-date selfie as your headshot - say goodbye. Lackluster web copy leaves clients scratching their heads, wondering what you even do, and bad headshots (or as we call them, branded business portraits) definitely don't put your best face forward.

What do you need instead? Kickass web copy with a strong call-to-action that's written FOR your dream client - they read it and think, "This business gets me. They have what I need. How can I hire them?!" A stunning portrait of you that reflects your brand identity, and most importantly, your personality - your dream client thinks, "Yup, there's a real person behind this business. She kinda looks like someone I want to get coffee with." Killer brand copy and a gorgeous branded business portrait help you build connections and trust with the dream clients whom you've always wanted to attract. 

Foster & Flourish is dedicated to helping small creative businesses thrive, and our Brand Makeover is just what you need to kickstart your year and take 2018 by the horns. Foster and Flourish's Tessie Reveliotis is an accomplished photographer who always captures your good side. Our very own Bonnie Bryant O'Connor is a talented copywriter who totally gets your brand voice and writes the way you wish you could sound when you tried to DIY your web copy. 

Each makeover is JAM-PACKED with value. 

Your Brand Makeover includes:

  • A branded business portrait session by Tessie Reveliotis Photography.

  • Guidance on what to wear, what props to bring for your business portrait, how to style yourself on the day-of, even our favorite places to grab a coffee or a drink after your session is done! You're gonna be looking hot, so treat yourself. 

  • A total rewrite of your Home Page and About Page copy by Bonnie Bryant Creative - Bonnie learns about your business, helps you identify your target customer, and captures your brand voice like no other. 

  • A gallery of photos from your shoot, from which you can pick your three favorites (additional images may be available for purchase). 

INVESTMENT: $495 for all of the above - a major steal, as the services included in this package are valued at over $1400.00. 

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